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The Purpose Project with Margie Fleurant

Nov 30, 2022

Our perception of God as our heavenly father is often distorted by the lens we've used to view our earthly father's example. In PART ONE of this 4 part series, Margie carefully uncovers the false impressions surrounding our views of God. Discover the "Heart of the Father" as Margie shares the truth of God's character and his desire to have a relationship with you. Learn how to look past the failures of your biological father to meet God as he was intended to be - a loving, perfect heavenly father.
Margie's newest book is officially released! This book has been years in the making with countless hours of prayer poured into every chapter and every word. This is a Holy Spirit inspired work and an important message relevant to the times we are living in. You can order Contend: Stewarding the Hearts and Destinies of Our Children in Prayer by clicking here