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The Purpose Project with Margie Fleurant

Dec 14, 2022

We are the family of God, sharing his spiritual DNA and God calls us his sons and daughters. In Part 3 of the message series, "Heart of the Father", Margie Fleurant highlights dozens of Bible verses that demonstrate how God hears our prayers. God wants to step in and be our 'perfect father', filling the gaps left by our imperfect earthly parents. God wants to provide for and protect all his children, especially you. God is waiting to forgive your mistakes so he can begin a new relationship with you. Learn how to move the obstacles that prevent you from developing a loving, personal relationship with God as Margie shares more of the 'Heart of the Father'.
For further teaching on prayer, check out Margie's book, Focus: Eliminating Distractions for Enhanced Spiritual VisionYou will receive empowering tools to help you:
  • IDENTIFY and eliminate common distractions-and keep your focus centered on God.
  • TRAIN your spiritual senses to engage the unseen realm-and detect changes in spiritual atmospheres.
  • SHARPEN your ability to "tune in" to God-and speak prophetically with clarity and power.
  • Focus protects you from those unfulfilling pursuits that are outside your destiny in Christ.
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