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The Purpose Project with Margie Fleurant

Dec 21, 2022

We all have days that we wish we could do over. Bad choices and mistakes can haunt us for a lifetime, but do we have to be perfect for God to love us? We think, "What if I've done terrible things... can God forgive me and still love me?" The good news is that you are loved unconditionally, just as you are.
In the final message in the series, the "Heart of the Father", Margie Fleurant continues to detail how much God loves you. God has promised to provide for all your needs and he wants you to know that he hears you and is concerned about every part of your world. Discover the building blocks to a new life, free of guilt and shame when you discover how God's 'strength is made perfect in your weaknesses.' (2 Corinthians 12:9) Learn how forgive yourself of past mistakes and make a fresh new start in a relationship with your heavenly father.

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